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12th April 2012

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Just got done watching this incredible dvd a must own for any Edge fans 

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23rd March 2012

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12th March 2012


Bored out of my mind

  • Wanting to see if anyone would like to chat

15th November 2011

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6th October 2011

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2nd October 2011

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1st October 2011

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Loved that show

Loved that show

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29th September 2011

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Aurora Borealis in Finnish Lapland 2011 from Flatlight Films on Vimeo.

This is selection of northern lights we filmed during the winter 2011 in several locations in the Finnish Lapland. It’s filmed with DSLR cameras with timelapse technique and with remote pan/tilt heads. 

Video is available also in 2K and 4K resolution.

Client: Visit Finland (visitfinland.com)
Production and concept: Flatlight Films ( flatlightfilms.com)
Music: CC33 ( soundcloud.com/​cc33 )

If you have any questions about the video and techniques we used don’t hesitate to contact us!

Connect with us:


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29th September 2011

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Star Wars Art - by Kai Lim 

Originally for Star Wars Trading Card game.

Website | deviantART

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29th September 2011

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Just got back from a amazing trip to Yosemite with my wife for our 8 year anniversary. I had never been before and we really wanted to go especially since we have really got into hiking this past summer.

Everywhere you looked the views were just breath taking. We are now setting a goal for our selves to be able to hike to the top of Half Dome by the end of March. I know we will be able to do it because in the past 6 months we have both lost around 50 pounds and have been hiking every week and now have a new goal to reach.

I really can not wait to add more great pictures of the beautiful place to my photo album.  

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